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Black Diamond Ultralight Whippet Attachment


Black Diamond Ultralight Whippet Attachment 

MSRP $59.95


Whether you're pushing the limit in your own back yard, exploring a new mountain range, or simply want to be prepared for the unexpected, the Black Diamond Alpine Whippet Attachment has you covered. Using BD's ClickLock Dial, this head attaches to your Whippet Ready poles quickly so you can feel more secure when you find yourself in steep, soft snow. Shaped more like an adze than a pick (an adze-shaped-pick, using inscrutably complex Skimo Co parlance), this tool will catch better in soft snow than a traditional whippet due to its wider, tapered-towards-the-tip profile. Black Diamond does call this attachment a pick, however, so take our terminology with a grain of salt. Be prepared for the unexpected with the Black Diamond Alpine Whippet Attachment.

  • ClickLock (not to be confused with FlickLock, the length adjustment mechanism) provides quick and secure attachment.
  • Compatible with all Whippet Ready ski poles.
  • Made of forged aluminum.
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